50th Floor IDS Wedding Ideas

Scroll down to see both videos: Early Evening and Late Night

"Hi Paul,
I cannot thank you enough!  You were an absolute hit at our receptions and I am sure Pete can vouch for how many
people came up to us the last couple of days and asked who our DJ was and commented on how phenomenal you
were.  Pete and I could not be more happy with everything you did for us.  My parents even made me feel bad because
we were all wondering if anyone ever brought you any drinks and no one thought you took a break…I hope someone
from Windows made sure you were hydrated, but I apologize if they did not.  And no one could believe that you just
played back to back without any rest….it was an unbelievable reception and you are right, the photo would definitely
be a hit on your web site, so I have attached.

I came back to work today and people could not stop talking about the DJ.  We will definitely go on your web site and
check the videos out along with adding a write up that I am MORE than happy to do.  Also, I will let people know to go
on and like your music, videos, etc on Facebook along with adding comments…if there is anything I do best it’s
spreading the word!!!  I talk a lot and will be screaming from the rooftops how great you were and how special and
awesome you made our reception!!!

Thanks again so so much"   --Whitney & Pete