This is a list of my 62 DJ bookings in the year 2000,

sorted alphabetically by venue name. the year 2000.....

Bearpath  5/13/00   Wedding for Sami Papacek and Scott Roethle

Bearpath  6/15/00   Wedding for Alicia Franklin and Curtis Ludwig

Bearpath  6/9/00   Wedding for Kim Holm and Tony Alvarez

Bearpath  7/22/00   Wedding for Debbie Blaskouski and Dan Davis

Bearpath  9/2/00   Wedding for Kirsten Acton and Shannon Rowke

Bearpath  9/30/00   Wedding for Sarah Cochrane and Mark Horning

Bunker Hills  9/9/00   Wedding for Lisa Schmoyer and Lonnie Massengren

Dellwood Hills Country Club  6/3/00    Wedding for Betsy Ren and Dan Pasavad

Doubletree Grand Hotel Mall of America   5/9/00    BRSI Company, Pam Wilbur

Doubletree Grand Hotel Mall of America  5/10/00     AAHAM Corp.

Doubletree Grand Hotel Mall of America  6/23/00    Wedding for Kelly Duffe and Chris Ruch

Doubletree Park Place Hotel  12/12/00    Wallboard, Inc.  Chris Osmera

Edina Country Club 3/17/00  Members Karaoke Party in the Pub for St. Pat’s Day

Edinburgh USA 10/21/00     Wedding for Sandy Melynchuk and Joe Girod

Empress on the St. Croix 8/12/00     Farmer’s Insurance, Jim Gerber

Excelsior Elementary School   4/28/00    Spring Sock Hop

Hilton North    5/20/00      Wedding for Catherine Tueres and Gregory G

Hilton North    2/26/00      Riverway Organization, Linda North

Holiday Inn Eagan 4/8/00     Wedding for Lori McFadden and Michael Monroe

Hyatt Regency   10/27/00    Chinese American Association Convention

Hyatt Regency   10/28/00    Wedding for Colette Cloutier and Rob McGiver

Hyatt Regency   12/12/00    Wells Fargo,   Stephanie Belfiore

Interlachen Country Club, Porch   11/3/00    Birthday Party for Katie Payton

Island View Golf Course 2/12/00    Wedding for Rebecca Mongarain and Dan Ries

Jax Café 1/22/00    Packaging Corp of America

Jonathan Paddleford Harriett Island 6/5/00    Delano Senior Class Party Karaoke

Loretto YMCA Camp Iduhapi 9/23/00    Wedding for Catherine Crowhey and Jim Shape

Marriott Bloomington Airport 12/17/00    Marriott Employee Appreciation

Marriott Bloomington Airport 6/8/00    Bridal Tasting Event Background Music

Marriott Southwest   1/29/00    Wedding for Shiva Baksh and John Petron

Marriott Southwest   11/11/00    Wedding for Christy Lindberg and Eric Fannon

Marriott Southwest   12/16/00    Medical Reinsurance Corp., Deb O’Brien

Marriott Southwest   12/20/00    Wedding for Rachel Caskey and Erich Krumie

Marriott Southwest   3/11/00    Bat Mitzfah for Alyssa Ramsey

Marriott Southwest   3/31/00    United Health Group

Marriott Southwest   8/11/00    Wedding for Julie Dubay and Philip Iskierka

Mendakota Country Club   1/8/00    Wedding for Ann Marie Zewske and Olg Bildtsen

Mendakota Country Club   8/5/00    Wedding for Jennifer Kearns and Ryan Dean

Mendakota Country Club   9/8/00    Wedding for Annette Thompson and Larry Williams

Millennium Hotel (was called the Regal at the time)   10/13/00 Wedding Reception for Bibbs and Bob Dutton

Minneapolis Hilton 1001 Marquette 12/8/00    Great River Energy, Laurie Larson

Minnesota History Center   7/7/00    Wedding for Patty Schmitz and Alex Dietz

Murphy Trucking Warehouse   6/10/00    Birthday Party for Libby Murphy

OK Corral, Jordan   11/10/00    Wedding for Kristin and Andrew Keppel

Plymouth Creek Center   10/14/00    Wedding for Tina Ross and Tom Hoff

Radisson Plaza 4/29/00    Tri-Service Ceremony, Josh Fjelstad USAF ROTC

Science Museum of Minnesota 12/4/00    Science Museum Employee Appreciation

Sheraton Bloomington  10/20/00    Additive Technology Industry Assoc.

Sheraton Bloomington   12/9/00    Pioneer Engineering, Jo Stertz

Sheraton Bloomington    2/5/00    Norwest Mortgage, Gerri Juntilla

Sinna Residence in Shoreview       8/26/00 Wedding for John Sinna and Susan Brockman

St. Alban’s Boathouse        6/17/00   Wedding for Jody Cushing and Chris Bright

St. Anthony Main Event Center     5/6/00   Wedding for Megan Germes and Jeremy Maynar

St. Paul Hotel   10/7/00   Wedding for Erica Webb and John Larotonda

St. Paul Hotel   5/27/00   Wedding for Liz McPartland and Shawn Raiter

St. Paul Hotel   5/28/00   Wedding for Diane Blowers and Marc Ye

St. Paul Hotel   8/19/00   Wedding for Wendy Bottcher and Jerry St. Sauver

Union Depot St. Paul     4/15/00   Wedding for Teri Saloka and Scott LaFranz

Wabasha Street Caves    7/24/00   Molecular Structure Corp.

Waconia Lakeside Ballroom    10/28/00   Wedding for Monica Franklin and Jeff Schiller

Wayzata Country Club    9/16/00   Wedding for Robyn Roger and Rob Theisen

White Bear Yacht Club    5/31/00   Member Caribbean Theme Event

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