The "Shoe Game" is the #1 Game to add to a wedding reception.
It can be customized to bring up any "Fun facts" about the bride, groom or both.
The "Salute to Married Couples" is a routine where we start a dance for all married couples,
then gradually eliminate them until the couple married the longest remains.  
The "Sexy Approach" routine for a garter removal:
After the spotlight dances, would your photographer be willing to get up on a chair and organize a group photo on the dance floor?
The "SNOWBALL" routine is a different option for getting seated guests on the floor at the beginning of the dance.   
Usually the wedding party starts it out...
...and after a minute I ask them to go out and bring some seated guests back to the dance floor.
If space allows, it can be done more than once.
MORE Crazy ideas: Clear the middle of the floor for a "End Zone Victory Dance" where guests line
up, and I MC as they pretend to catch a football on the edge of the dance floor, then do something
crazy in the middle of the dance floor.  The scavenger hunt is best where 5 guests bring chairs up to
the stage and  a chair is removed as they race to find something out in the room. Traditional musical
chairs is something I spice up by playing music with actions built into the lyrics.  I've also got a "secret
handshake routine" contest, trivia, and rock and roll bingo.  Many more things can be done if we plan
props in advance, such as hula hoops, limbo pole,  inflatable guitars, costumes, hats, puppets, etc.