The Head Table Introduction could be right as the limo arrives with the wedding party, during
social hour, or just before dinner, so it is immediately followed up with food being served.    I
practice pronouncing names in advance and review them as the wedding party lines up outside
the door.  The music could be one track all the way through, or you could have me switch to
something different just for the bride and groom.  You could go even further, and have me play
a special song for each of the different couples walking in.  Sometimes props and dance moves
are involved.  I could also use a spot light to follow you from the door to the head table.  
Sometimes the Intro is followed by the first dance as husband and wife, sometimes a cake is cut
on the dance floor (when it needs to be put out on plates in time for the end of the meal), and
other times I bring a cordless microphone to either a parent or the bride and groom to do a brief
welcome.  If the tables are to be dismissed for a buffet, I'm in charge of announcing instructions
and sometimes dismiss the tables myself.  If plated food is served, the timing needs to be
communicated with the catering manager, so they are ready to bring out salads at the right
moment (the Head Table Intro and any other pre-dinner activities can be timed somewhat).  
Once dinner is underway, there is usually a round of clinking glasses to get the bride and
groom to stand up and kiss.  When that happens, you could have me announce instructions for
alternative ways to get them to stand and kiss, such as requiring specific couples to stand and
kiss along with them, or show them how to kiss (where the bride and groom imitate their every
move)   VIDEOS BELOW include a complex example, but most are simply one song.