My BASIC light show includes 1. FAST song setting:  "SPARKLE" lights
aimed at the floor and ceiling.   2. SLOW song setting: All blue lights for
with a starry sky projection  3. SPOT light:  I aim a spot light as needed
for special moments.  Photographers like to get shots with the spot light
beam coming from behind the subjects.  4. FOUR up lights on the wall
behind the DJ table are included at no extra charge.

If you have a extra funds to add more lighting, I can provide 12 more up
lights set up around the room, for an extra charge.
Placement is restricted by the space between the walls and tables, so
see if you could change the floor plan to make room for them.
I have videos showing various colors.  I have done all RED, all BLUE,
all VIOLET, all GREEN and a combination of Red and Green for holiday

OTHER items you could add at an extra charge:

IMAGE projection on wall, ceiling or dance floor:  A non-moving image
could be projected using my powerful theatrical spotlight.  This could be
colored with ONE color, such as AMBER (Yellow/Red) for Falling
Autumn Leaves, or FROST BLUE for Snowflakes.
If your venue had a LARGE plain surface, this could be an extremely
large projection.  I have the metal discs in my collection to create falling
leaves, snowflakes, stars, and poker suit symbols for casino nights.

VIDEO BELOW:  The "Rock and Country Play List Ideas" video on
Youtube has a thumbnail showing my Snowflake projection covering an
entire wall in the largest ballroom in the St. Paul Hotel.

I also offer a DISCO BALL up on a tall stand, lit from below, for
slow-moving dots on the dance floor

Your venue may already have slide show equipment set up, but if not, I
have 2 powerful VIDEO PROJECTORS for slide shows, etc.