Minnesota Valley Country Club Wedding Ideas
Earliest time guests would arrive in the Ballroom: 6:00 PM   I play "King of the Road" and upbeat jazz (Sinatra and Michael
I check with servers at 7:10 PM to be sure food is on schedule for 7:15.  I locate fathers of B/G then go out to the foyer to
line up the bridal party and coach them to not begin walking in on their own- they must stop in the doorway while I
announce their names, so I can time "Uptown Funk" to bring in the bride and groom with the build up and lyric "Come on!"
Since the bridesmaids outnumber groomsmen and there 15 of them, we'll start with three groups of three, and skip last
names.  1. Adrian, Lisa and Sally; 2. Stacy Betsy and Gary; 3. Nikki Maria and Jarod; 4. Katie and Ryan, 5. Sarah and
Steve, 6. Miranda and TJ....and at this point the song is at the "Saturday Night and we're in the spot" as the spot light aims
at the new Mr. and Mrs. Suit CHI ya and I announce them being careful to not use the typical game show host voice.
The song continues playing until the lyrics "Stop, Wait a minute" - then I say "I'm bringing the microphone out in front of the
head table where the fathers with give their welcome speeches- first is the father of the bride, Gary.
I stay nearby and get the microphone from them when they finish and announce to the guests that they should wait for the
staff to dismiss each table to go through the buffet.  I change to upbeat solo piano for dinner music. No special routine for
clinking glasses or cutting cake.  After all guests have food and are seated, I approach the head table to check that they all
have champagne in glasses.  Then I ask the best man if he's ready to start the toasts.  I leave him the mic and ask for 30
seconds to get back to the DJ table to turn up the volume on the mic and turn music off.  I then introduce him from the
second mic in the DJ booth.  Toasts finish with the groom speaking last, so I bring music back up once the groom is done,
and I go to the head table and get the microphone.  "Take Five" by Brubeck and "So What" by Miles Davis fills the time
before the dance gets going to allow photographers time to check lighting on the dance floor.  I have several options and it
takes a few minutes.  I remind a personal attendant to run out and check that the father of the bride, mother of the groom
and the bridal party will be all near the dance floor.  No Shoe Game. I announce the first dance
"Let's welcome John and Kayla to the dance floor for their first dance as Mr and Mrs Suit-CHI-ya!!!"
(All of Me by John Legend)
"Kayla will now dance with her father for a father-daughter dance"  (SURPRISE selection chosen by Gary)
"John will now dance with his mom"  (To be determined- I suggest "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong)
"And now ALL wedding party members will start this one off"  (Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammar)  After the first chorus I
ask all other guests to join them on the floor for a great photo opp.  Even if the photographers aren't organizing it, I will tell
seated guests to get in the dance floor group photo.
"And now a slow song for everyone"  (Thinking Out Loud)
Then 3 or 4 fun oldies in a row, such as  "Runaround Sue" "Let's Twist Again"  "Barbara Ann"  "Oh Pretty Woman"
Then I watch the clock to begin the routines that need to be photographed before 9:30PM.
The length of the dollar dance could be 15 minutes to an hour depending on number of participants, so I will try to begin
the routines section early- 8:30 or 8:45.  The first routine takes 8-10 minutes and 2-3 songs.  This is where I announce that
all married couples need to find their spouses and dance together.  I being with "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"
by Michael Buble.  After 2 minutes or so, they should all be on the floor.  Toward the end of the song I announce that
anyone not yet married for 5 years should move aside, then 10 years or more, etc. until we see which couple has been
married the longest.  We applaud them, then I say it's time for the opposite now, and ask all unmarried single females to
come out.  I play "Put a Ring on It" and tell the bride and photographer to wait for my countdown in order to get a shot of
the bouquet mid-air.  No conga line or follow routine.  Then I bring out a chair and announce the garter removal and ask
bachelors to gather round.  No sexy approach or follow up routine.  I play Stripper music during the removal, then NFL
Monday Night Football theme for the toss.  Again, I will do a countdown.  "And now to follow the sports theme, Kayla would
like to arm-wrestle with each and every one of you."  "I need the best man and maid of honor to usher the guests onto the
dance floor to dance with John or arm wrestle Kayla- spread the word outside and around the corner that the dollar dance
is beginning and we'd like everyone to participate"  The BM and MO then will need to be coached about keeping lines
moving and even.  If there is only 1 or 2 left in one line while the other have 10, they should adjust.  
After the dollar dance it will be dance party time, with requests taken and the play list followed.
Important play list notes:  I will NOT play Piano Man, Savage Garden, Home by Edward Sharpe, Wonderful Tonight, Sweet
Caroline, Train, Everlong, Chicken Dance, I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll, Pretty Girls by Britney and
Iggy, Wrecking Ball, Brass Monkey, Rapper's Delight, DJ Kool, Bust a Move, Jump on it, or Ice Ice Baby....even if requested.
I can play Let it Go only if the flower girl requests it.
The MUST PLAYS:  End of night:  Final Countdown/Happy Trails.   Any time: Dedicate Baby Got Back to Gary.  
Peas I Gotta Feeling, Miley We Can't Stop, Sugarland Stuck Like Glue, Crazy Girl, No Diggity, Regulators, Pony, This is
How We Do It, Wobble, Dougie, Soulja Boy, Stanky Leg, GDFR, Turn Down for What, Bills, Dear Future Husband, Shake it
Off, Uptown Funk, Dedicate Sugar from the bride to the groom, Want You to Wan Me, Timber,  Bohemian Rhapsody,
Cupid Shuffle, Maybe Casper Cha Cha Slide, Maybe Electric Slide....Explicit lyrics OK after 11PM
SLOW: When a Man Loves a Woman, Can't Help Falling in Love.